College of Readers

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Here is a list of a series of Publications which have been produced by CoR members.

Occasional Paper 1 (Michael Hicks 2001) - Common Worship.

Occasional Paper 2 (Peter Arnold 2001) - Egypt, Israel and the Bible.

Occasional Paper 3 (Derek Govier 2002) - The Intercession of the Church.

Occasional Paper 4 (Roy Cashmore 2004) - Extended Communion.

Occasional Paper 5 (Edwyn Gilmour 2011) - Funerals and their Effect. (CoR Members can view this document by going to the 'Members page'.)

Distance Learning Package 1 (Fr. Ivan Clutterbuck 2001) - Restoring the historical Jesus to the Forefront of Theological Endeavour.

Discussion Document (Peter Arnold 2005) - Readers and the Free Province.

Copies of all the above are available on request.

Distance Learning Package 2 (the Warden CoR 2003) - The study of Liturgy. Full details on application to the Warden, either via e-mail or through the post.

The Prayer of the College of Readers
Almighty Father,
At our Baptism
You removed from us the stony heart of sin
And gave us a living heart of flesh.
We pray You,
Pour such grace into our hearts
That we may be strong in the face of evil;
Overflowing with compassion to the poor and needy;
Eloquent in proclaiming You to the world;
And simple, sweet and humble in our daily lives:
To Your greater glory in Eternal Heaven.