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The "Blue Scarf" is a Quarterly Periodical of the College of Readers.

SIXY YEARS PLUS AS A READER - An article from Dr. Francis W. Rogers, CoR  of his life as a Reader. FROM THE CHAIRMAN (Barry Barns, CoR); LEAD YOU CHURCH INTO GROWTH - Mary Snape, CoR reviews a conference and course she went on. WALSINGHAM CONFERENCE / RETREAT 2016 Fr Darren Smith, General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society produced a précis of his talks and meditations during the CoR conference. THE ROSARY - An Introduction (part 2) - Continuation of the article by Peter Arnold, CoR (part 1 was in Blue Scarf No.60). TEACHING - THE SIXTH DEADLY SIN : ANGER An article by Peter Arnold, CoR.

Details of the College of Readers’ Annual General Meeting to be held on the 10th June was included. Also a list of the Chrism Masses 2017 which the Bishops of the Society will be celebrating.

LATEST COPY - No. 61 Annunciation 2017

Blue Scarf

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The Prayer of the College of Readers
Almighty Father,
At our Baptism
You removed from us the stony heart of sin
And gave us a living heart of flesh.
We pray You,
Pour such grace into our hearts
That we may be strong in the face of evil;
Overflowing with compassion to the poor and needy;
Eloquent in proclaiming You to the world;
And simple, sweet and humble in our daily lives:
To Your greater glory in Eternal Heaven.